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This is by far one of the Best Motivational Videos of 2014 &will help you Find your Purpose in life..

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It's Coming....


And that's all I can say for what is coming down the pipe.  This is something that is definitely needed.

As I said before, this is NOT the latest strategy to get leads, or some black/white hat SEO.  It is waaayyy tooo easy to get overwhelmed with looking for the lastest lead generation tactic.

Understand that what we will be delivering to the market place is some higher level marketing.  And when you market on a higher level, you then can attract better quality people into your business.

When you have higher quality people on your team, would you not have a more profitable business that would actually be In The Black?

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Beliefs Part 2:  How To Change Your Belief In Yourself and Your Business


And now for part 2!  Last time, I got cut off and wasn't able to finish.  But here I go voer real quick what I went over in the first video which you can watch here.

Here I go over 3 tips on how to change your beliefs about you. One way is to use Psych-K, which I have done before and it's awesome.  You are literally re-programming yourself subconscious mind.

A 2nd way is to use autosuggestion, which is simply talking to yourself.  Whether you tal out loud or the thoughts you think, you talk to yourself and you need to be aware of how that affects you.  Especially if you want to be successful in building a business from home or in anything in life.

The 3rd tip is to do something that you thought you couldn't do before.  This is tough as many people on't do it, and because they will let their fears and negative beliefs hold them back.

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